Month: March 2022

Inquiry Space Poster

This is my inquiry poster for space. This week team 5 has been learning about being responsible with our mouths,bodies and space. We then got to choose 1 of those topics and make a poster about it. This is my poster. As you can see I did space. In my poster it shows what your space should look like compared to what it shouldn’t. Enjoy!

Punctuation Task

This is my second writing task. It was about punctuation. I had to rewrite lines and circle out things. I had to do capital letters, commas, quotation marks, apostrophes and possessive nouns. I actually learnt a lot of new things. even things I didn’t even know. I hope I get to learn something like this sometime next week. I hope you enjoy!

Forearm Investigation

Today in Math’s class we had a forearm investigation. The whole class had to write there forearm span on the board. We then had to use that as our data for the task. We put it into groups and answered some questions. I thought that this task was enjoyable. I had lots of fun knowing my classmates forearm spans. Hope you enjoy!

Show not Tell

Today for Literacy. We had to do some writing. We did show not tell. What that means is that one of the sentences was in telling what happened. While I had to write the showing part. This activity really pushed my brain hard. I also got to learn the difference between the two. I hope you enjoy my task!