The Princess and Orge

This is my second narrative. It is about a prince and Orge going on a fun adventure. I really enjoyed writing this story.

As it was just about to hit midnight, Princess Alexandria and Otis the Ogre could hear something coming from downstairs. Once they hit the downstairs area, they went into the treasure room. In the room there was a sceptre. Alexandria and Otis could see that the noise was coming from there. They were getting closer and closer which is when they heard a voice. From the voice they heard “ a monster has just been released from its realm and it’s your job to go and put it back,if you do not manage to put the monster back in it’s realm you won’t come back”

“What does that mean we won’t come back” exclaimed Alexandria. “I have no idea,” Otis replied. All of a sudden they could hear screaming coming from the outside. As they were running towards the exit. Otis decided to bring 2 swords, in case of an emergency. As they took their last step to the ground they noticed that they weren’t at home, and as they turned around the castle disappeared. “Now this is what the voice meant by saying if we want to come back” Alexandria said. “Yeah probably” Otis responded. 

In that moment they turned their heads around and saw the monster. It was dusty,crusty,tall and disgusting. Not only that, but it was damaging everything in its way. Otis started charging at the monster with one of the swords he took, but Alexandria pulled him back. “Why did you pull me back?” Otis said to Alexandria. “Well, do you have a plan on how to destroy this monster?,Exactly I didn’t think so” Alexandria said. They both ran behind one of the fruit stands in the street and started planning.

At first their plan was just to run straight up to the monster and try to defeat it, but that wouldn’t work. Well it would if they had been trained by someone. So they scratched that plan. Until they heard something that was coming from the wall. They inched closer and closer to the noise, but then someone popped out of nowhere. Now this person was claiming to know some important details on how to defeat the monster.

“I don’t think we can trust him” Alexandria whispered in Otis’s ear. “ Well we don’t have any other option do we?” Otis said. This man was old and a bit smelly, but looked wise. So with no plan Alexandria and Otis decided to hear what the old man had to say. As the old man was finishing with the story, the duo knew exactly what to do. 

From what the old man said they had to find a witches wand. Which was locked up in the netherlands of the forest. In the distance there was some sort of entry to a forest, which is where they both rushed to. As they both stepped into the forest there was a glowing box. In the box there was the witch’s wand. Grabbing the witches the duo rushed out of the forest.

Now this was the part Alexandria and Otis were waiting for. Stepping up to the monster they both had to do a chant. Once they yelled out the chant 3 times, the person with the wand had to say a spell and poof the monster would go back to its realm. 

Alexandria and Otis were screaming at the top of their lungs, and once they finished Alexandria yelled out the spell. “In the power of my witches wand, I demand you to go back to your realm”. When Alexandria finished with the spell the monster mysteriously vanished into thin air. Soon after that happened Alexandria and Otis returned back to their home. Now looking back at the adventure they had, Otis and Alexandria bursted into laughter.

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