Month: July 2022

Taste test

As it dropped into my hand the first thing I noticed was it had ridges. It was small and hard, but in the shape of a sphere. Each time I rotated the sphere I could feel that some things were falling off. It was like salt. Bringing it up to my nose the first whiff I got was chocolate. However, as I kept on smelling it the scent went away. About to put it in my mouth I was confident that it was chocolate. Yet as soon as I put it in my mouth I could feel the acid disintegrating in my mouth. As time went past the sourness started to disappear and the lolly started to be sweet. There was also a fizz to it once I got to the middle.

Is stealing okay?

This is my first reading task for the term. It is about what I think of a certain statement. For this task the statement is Is stealing okay. I disagreed with the statement. I then read 4 articles about the statement and had 4 reason on why I thought it was bad to steal. I also said these reasons in a video. I really enjoyed doing this task because I got to say what I thought about the statement. ENJOY!


Today for my first maths lesson I got to learn about measurement. I also worked along with my friend Finau. What we did was we had to fill in on what the things would be measured in. For example the distance between Auckland and GI is displayed in metres. I also was tasked with a create task at the end. Which is were I got to measure 3 objects and write down how long it was. I really enjoyed doing this task for maths. ENJOY!

Term 3 Topic

Today is the first day of term 3.  The topic for this term is Art Works. Which obviously has something to do with art. As usual we had our immersion assembly. We got to see all the teams performances and movies and got a look at what they were learning about.  We also  got told that at the end of the term we are having an art exhibition. Which means we will have our art be on display.

Honestly my favourite one out of the teams was team 1. Each of the teachers made a painting about how they were feeling. Mrs Lal did a happy one,Mrs Dwyer did a scary one I think and Miss Shirley did a tried one. They also used different colours to paint their paintings. My favourite out of the paintings would have to be Mrs Lal. 

Anyway this term team 5 will be doing plays and doing some fun art. I am really looking forward to doing these things this term. Stay tune for any of my blog post about art!

Term 2 Reflection!

There’s NO WAY I’m already half way through the year. Also Term 2 is now OVER! It feels like time is going past really fast. Anyway I’m so glad many things happened this term. Since we were in Orange light. Things like Year 8 Camp,Sports and much more.Now here are my top highlights/memories from this awesome term. Also I’ve been a Year 8 FOR HALF A YEAR!

Obviously one of my top highlights/memories is Year 8 Camp. Since I already did a whole reflection on that here’s a quick summary. Year 8 Camp was a blast. At first I didn’t think it would happen, but we got there. Playing in the huge Rec Centre was awesome and the Camp Concert was the best. Also the late nights my cabin had were just fun and just having a great time with my friends as well.I hope that next year the new Year 8’s have a blast. 

Next up sport. We finally got to play some sports this term. We even had 3 Tournaments. The sports we got to play this term were Netball,Rugby Union and Volleyball. I had a great time playing these sports. Considering if I write this all in 1 this paragraph it would be big ,so we’ll be talking about them separately. 

First up Netball. I am so thankful that Netball has happened this term. It is actually my 8th year playing. So I’ve been playing since year 1.Same as last year my team is called the Chiefs. It is coached by Mr Moran and Miss Takarei. Along with Velian as our Manager. My team this year include Ema,Kiarah,Luka,Matelita,Kamryn,Cherish and Latiana. We’ve honestly been going good. I can’t wait to play more netball with these girls next term and crush the tournaments.

Up next Rugby Union. Now for rugby most of my team were new commers. However they prove to be pretty good. Oh and also the week we had our tournament we only had 1 training. The reason why was because that week we had a lot of sports going on. However despite having 1 training my team ended up coming first in the eastern zone tournament. Which means we got to go to the Interzone which was Auckland Champs. In the Auckland Champs we came fourth, but I was still really proud of my team. The amazing team I got to play with consist of Ema,Kiarah,Matelita,Cherish,Kamryn,Lesieli,Melemanu,Mariko,Legacy,Khalia,Lynch,Karoline,Meliame,Fifita and Kolotita. We were also coached by the Fantastic Miss Timmi. 

Finally Volleyball .We got to play in the Eastern Zone Volleyball Tournament. We took 2 teams. Which were the A Team and the B Team. I was in the B team along with Ema,Luka,Legacy,Khalia,Maria,Bronson,Jordan,Petero,Exodus,Rex and Toa. We were also coached by Miss Timmi. My team ended up coming first in our pool and the A team coming in second. I really had a great time because I was not only in a team with my friends, but it was also my first time competing in the tournament. 

Since thats all done with ,my next highlight/memory is the assemblies. Like my term 1 reflection the assemblies we’ve had this term have made some of my favourite memories/highlights. One assembly that stands out is when we literally did Jump Jam. Yep Mr Burt decided since it was quite cold to have Jump Jam.  We were following Mr Levi and Miss Vili’s dance moves. Also working with Kiarah,Kamryn,Aye,Petero,Roman,William and Julius has been awesome and they have also been apart of my favourite funny memories. I hope that the assemblies next term can beat the assemblies this term.

Once again we have also had some fun disco’s. Actually 3, one for kindness week which was held by the supersubs. One for being halfway through the term and one for Ukraine. These discos have made some pretty cool memories for me. I also enjoyed dancing and having a great time with my friends. 

Having Tech at Tamaki has also been awesome. Last term I was in Mr Daniels Class which was awesome. I learnt many things about technology. Now for this term I have been in Cooking, with the wonderful Mrs Hamer. We have cooked some pretty delicious things. My favourite one being the Curry with Rice. 

Now if you know my class has had another teacher come in. Shes pretty much been my teacher for a year. Her name is Miss Hall. Miss Hall has stepped into being room 4’s teacher since Mrs Stone went on maternity leave. Honestly I’m kind of sad the Miss Hall will be leaving Room 4. However she is going over the Dubai to teach over there. I just want to say to Miss Hall a HUGE THANKS for being my teacher for the past year. I am going to really miss you (minus the homework), but I hope you have a great time at Dubai.Along with your new students. Miss Hall has taught me some much through the past year. Its sad to see you go Miss Hall, however I’m sure having Mrs Stone back will be great. 

So there you have it. These are my top highlights/memories from this term. From Year 8 Camp to the awesome sports we’ve had. Term 2 has definitely topped term 1.I am still in shock that I’m halfway through the year. It’s honestly sad to think that I only have 2 terms left until I leave. However that means I get to make even more fun highlights/memories. I’m really going to miss being at school for the next 2 weeks. I hope that term 3 can top this term!

The Journey of the FISHY! (Animation)

This is my final task for literacy. What we got to do is a slide animation. It is basically an animation but on slides. For this one we got to choose whatever we wanted. At first my animation was just going to be about a fish finding candles. Until Mrs Stone and Mr Moran gave me some interesting ideas and here it is. Make sure to watch the whole things. I really enjoyed doing this since I’ve never actually done one before. ENJOY!

We know the way-Term 2 Animation!

This is my animation for term 2. It is about knowing the way. For this animation we had to have 3 different backdrops and a sphero traveling through them. We then had to make a voiceover which provides somesort of information about it. For me I did The Great Pyramids,Jungle and the Sea. I really enjoyed doing this because it helped me learn some new things I hope that you enjoy this animation and that you learn something fro it.