Day: July 5, 2022

The Journey of the FISHY! (Animation)

This is my final task for literacy. What we got to do is a slide animation. It is basically an animation but on slides. For this one we got to choose whatever we wanted. At first my animation was just going to be about a fish finding candles. Until Mrs Stone and Mr Moran gave me some interesting ideas and here it is. Make sure to watch the whole things. I really enjoyed doing this since I’ve never actually done one before. ENJOY!

We know the way-Term 2 Animation!

This is my animation for term 2. It is about knowing the way. For this animation we had to have 3 different backdrops and a sphero traveling through them. We then had to make a voiceover which provides somesort of information about it. For me I did The Great Pyramids,Jungle and the Sea. I really enjoyed doing this because it helped me learn some new things I hope that you enjoy this animation and that you learn something fro it.