Tag: 2022

Area of Triangles

This is my maths task. It was actually from last week,but I didn’t get to finish it until now. It is about getting the area of a triangle. Now at first I thought that it was going to be easy, but this proved me wrong. I did though learn a lot from these things. Now I;m not sure if I got all of them right, but I tried. I really hope I get to do something similar to this again.

Commonwealth Games

This is my reading task for today. Since the commonwealth games are coming to an end, Mrs Stone decided to a slide show about it. In the slide show I learnt about what the commonwealth games are and who plays in it. I also had a create task where I got to create a poster about an athlete. I choose squash player Paul Coll. I really enjoyed doing this task. 

Fortnite- Argumentation Board.

This is my reading task for the week. It is the same as last time however the statement is different. The statement today is should we ban fortnite? I agree with this statement and you can watch my video on why. I enjoyed doing this activity because it really got me thinking about this statement.