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Term 3 Topic

Today is the first day of term 3.  The topic for this term is Art Works. Which obviously has something to do with art. As usual we had our immersion assembly. We got to see all the teams performances and movies and got a look at what they were learning about.  We also  got told that at the end of the term we are having an art exhibition. Which means we will have our art be on display.

Honestly my favourite one out of the teams was team 1. Each of the teachers made a painting about how they were feeling. Mrs Lal did a happy one,Mrs Dwyer did a scary one I think and Miss Shirley did a tried one. They also used different colours to paint their paintings. My favourite out of the paintings would have to be Mrs Lal. 

Anyway this term team 5 will be doing plays and doing some fun art. I am really looking forward to doing these things this term. Stay tune for any of my blog post about art!