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Ocean poster

This is my poster about the ocean. Today team 5 got slots to see Blake NZVR, which is a company that teaches things about the ocean and how we can protect them. They also have VR head sets which show different types of environment. We saw the waters at goat island and other places too. Including a birds eye view from the White island. Soon after we had to make a poster that included something around the ocean. Mine is about taking the amount of fish and kina you need. Not the amount you want because sometimes it gets wasted and causes over fishing. I really enjoyed making this poster and I learnt lots of things. Thank you to Lee and Grace who came over to teach us these things. ENJOY!

Place Value with Decimals

This is my maths task for the week. It is about Place Value and Decimals. At first I did find Place value and Decimals a bit confusing, but after this task and working with Miss Hall, I got it. I really enjoyed doing this task. it was fun and creative. It also had some fun game sites at the end slide. I hope you learn something from this just like I did.

Classify Quadrilaterals

This is my math task for the week. It is about shapes. Well specificy quadrilaterals. I had to answer some questions on a google slide. I really think I learnt a lot more from this task. It was nice to learn what some of the shapes are called. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my task just like me. 

Forearm Investigation

Today in Math’s class we had a forearm investigation. The whole class had to write there forearm span on the board. We then had to use that as our data for the task. We put it into groups and answered some questions. I thought that this task was enjoyable. I had lots of fun knowing my classmates forearm spans. Hope you enjoy!

Nepal & New Zealand Differences and Similarities

Task Description:

2 days ago my class and I watched a documentary about the most dangerous way to get to school. It was about students getting to school in Nepal. The only only thing is that the way they take is dangerous. It takes them over 2 hours to get to school. Here is the differences and similarity that NZ and Nepal have.