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Escape Room Extension

For this term in extension we have been doing escape rooms. I was in a group with Kiarah,Aye and Finau. We got to come up with our own theme and puzzles. Our theme was based on the horror movie smile. We planned on doing a physical escape room. Today we started on cutting the keys out for one of the puzzles. Our next step is to finish off the keys and start putting things together. 

Maungarei Drawing

Last week  in extension we had to think hard about what we thought Maungarei would look like back then. We first got to see a photo of Maungarei and Miss West then told us what she thought it would look like back then. We also thought about the types of transportation they used back then. The main one being waka’s. Here is my interpretation of what I thought I would look like. The first thing that popped into my head was bushes and trees surrounding the area along with a pond. Huts and house was something that came to my mind as well.I really enjoyed doing this, because it got me thinking of what things look like in the olden days.

Extension Scratch Project (Whakatauki)

Last term my extension class was learning about Whakatauki’s. Which are like quotes in Maori. However we had to do one that was related to the sea/ocean. The one I chose was “He toka tu moana, ara he toa rongonui”. Which in English translate to “Your strength is like a rock standing in raging water”. To me this Whakatauki meant that no matter how hard the situation was, I knew that the strength I had could push through that situation. We also had to create a scratch project that showcased our Whakatauki. Mine is a turtle trying to push through the waves, but once the turtle gets stronger it can go right through the waves. I really enjoyed doing this. I hope I get to to this again!