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Information Report-North Korea!

This is my information report on North Korea. I had to research things about the country. I honestly had fun doing this because along the process I got to learn about this country. I really hope that you enjoy this piece of writing, and yes there are more information reports to come. ENJOY!


Did you know that North Korea and South Korea were 1 whole country at one time? Yes this is true. However we will only be focusing on North Korea. In this information report I will be talking about the culture/people,food and some facts on North Korea. I hope that by the end of this piece you will learn a thing or 2 about this country.

First up the culture and people of North Korea. In North Korea they have an ethical code.  Which they believe shows sincerity and loyalty. This code can be used while in a meeting, eating, praying or celebrating. By that the code can be shown by taking a bow. Which other languages don’t do.

Now up is food. North Korea has some pretty delicious cuisine. Some of the cuisines being Beef Rib Soup and Gray Mullet Soup. They also have some traditional dishes as well. Making rice and kimchi one of them. Also Soju Liquor.There is also a famous restaurant in Pyongyang named Okryu-gwan .Which one of there dishes is raengmyeon cold noodles. Some of North Korea’s main courses are Juk,Pulgogi and obviously noodles!

Finally some facts on this country. Can you believe that the population of the country is 26.03 million? North Korea is also in the continent of Asia. The currency they use is called NK won. Oh and their official language is Korean which obviously makes sense. They have an native animal called the Amur Leopard. Along with a president named Kim Jong-un.

That brings us to the end of the information report. To sum up everything that has been stated in this writing, North Korea is an awesome country! From their ethical code to the food they have over there. North Korea is a great place to be in. I hope that you have learnt something from this writing.

Information Report on Honduras

For this week’s writing my literacy class had to write an information report. It was about the country Honduras. I really enjoyed writing about this country, because I never have heard of it. So it was really interesting to research about the country. I hope that you learn something fro this just like I did. ENJOY!

Honduras, the country that is a part of the mesoamerican reef. Not much is really known about this country. However, by the time you finish reading this piece. You might learn a thing or 2 about this awesome country.


Honduras was first sighted by Europeans, when Christopher Columbus arrived at the Bay Islands. Which was very close to the island of Guanaja on 30 July 1502. On the 14th of August, 1502 Columbus landed on the mainland near modern Trujillo. Columbus named the country Honduras for the deep waters off its coast. Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821. However in 1822 it was joined with Mexico and 4 other nations. Which consist of  Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Yet the 5 central American nations broke away from Mexico in 1823. Honduras finally became completely independent in 1839.

Honduras is a very diverse country. Therefore having 90 percent of the population being Mesitizo. Which is a mix of European and Latin American. Honduras can also be split up into 4 regions. Those regions consist of the Pacific lowlands,eastern Caribbean lowlands,Northern coastal plains and mountains.They also have 2 main cities. Which is Toguaged (the capital) and San Pedro Sala.

Now for some facts. Did you know that the nickname for the country is The Banana Republic? Not only that, but the country also owns 1 of the oldest clocks in the world. Plus an interesting one is that it was the first country to ever ban smoking in their own houses. They also take soccer very seriously. Last one is that the country has the biggest wilderness area in Central America and the world’s largest barrier reef.

To sum up, everything that has been stated in this information report.It’s brief history, along with its culture/people are amazing. Also the cool facts about this country. Honduras is a pretty cool place. I hope you learned something from this.

Camp Reflection!

WOW! I can’t believe that Year 8 camp was last week. I had an AWESOME TIME.  I mean the fun activities we did and the Camp concert, Year 8 camp was overall a BLAST. Here are some of the things we got up to at Year 8 leadership camp. Along with some of my top highlights.

First of all before even going to the campsite we went to Parakai. Which is a swimming pool for those who don’t know. Even though I didn’t get to swim I still had a great time. I mean I had to make the most of the 3 HOURS we were there. Spending time with my friends at Parakai was fun. Not only that, but seeing everyone enjoying the time was also cool to see. My favourite part of being at Parakai was looking at the people swimming having battles. By that I mean people getting on other people’s shoulders and battling against others. I cheered on Lesieli & Paula who demolished the competition. 

One highlight of camp was getting to see the place and the cabins. In my cabin I had Kiarah,Ema,Lesieli,Latiana,Melelupe,Finau,Luka,Cherish & Jayla. I had an awesome time with those girls in my cabin. I remember the laughs we had and waking up in the middle of the night just to see everyone talking and standing in the middle of the room.

Oh and the place was amazing. We had our camp at Carey Park Christain Camp. Which had everything we needed. There was a big Gymnasisum, which had an upstairs area along with a park.Oh and before I forget to mention there was a lovely water area which had a little waterfall. It was the place to calm down or the place where you just wanted peace. There was also a dining hall that came along with some pretty delicious food.  

Now for one of my top highlight CAMP CONCERT. OMG! Camp concert was lit. Seeing everyone perform their chants and items were cool to see. The teams we had was  WWW (Dub,dub,dub),Waitakarei,Henderson and Westside. I was in Westside along with Ema,Latiana,Lesieli,Jade,Exodus,Toks,Israel,Gabriel,Zecariah,Sheldon,Witari,Mr Moran and Tyson. Which is also the WINNING TEAM of the night. Yep, thats right Westside won Camp concert. However I was still very entertained by the other groups. Honestly my favourite performance was Henderson’s. It was really strange, but really entertaining at the same time. Apparently it was synchronised swimming going along with the beauty and the beast song.

Also the EPIC dance off that happened was the best part of the camp concert in my opinion. We had to choose the 2 best dancers of each group to compete in the dance off. For my team we choose Exodus and Lesieli. My team and I were screaming and cheering for them as they got up and in all honesty Exodus stole the show. I mean he was doing all these crazy and funny dance moves which made the crowd go WILD!  Even though he didn’t make it to the finals we still had Lesieli in the game. Who KILLED IT she was whipping her hair everywhere and even did the splits at one point. 

Now for my second highlight. The activities we did were not only fun, but really cool as well. My group got to do the flying fox first. Initially I thought that it was a normal flying fox where you just sit on the seat and go, but I was wrong. We had to get all harnessed up to go on it. I was the 3rd person to go on it and I had a blast. If I’m being honest I was quite scared at the beginning, but once I went off I really enjoyed it. Soon after we did archery,air riflies,rock climbing and crate stacking. Unfortunately we couldn’t do the confidence course due to the weather, but it was still fun doing the others. In my opinion my top activity would be crate stacking. I got up to 8 crates, which was higher than I thought I would get. However my favourite part of crate stacking was seeing Mr Wiseman and Mr Moran go against each other. Of course we got this on video and what do you know Mr Wiseman beat Mr Moran by 2 crates. The score was 7 to 9.

We even had 2 fun games, that the people at Carey Park hosted. The first was rainbow tag and the second was top teams. Out of the 2 my favourite would have to be the rainbow tag one. The aim of the game was to find all four colours and get back to the area where we started, but the trick was that the teachers were hiding around the whole campsite with the colours we needed. There were also bad people who had towels and if you got hit with one all of the colours you got were erased and you’d have to start all over again.I remeber running away from Mr Moran who was trying to throw the towel at me and I dodged it. As everyone was looking for the colours no one seemed to find Mr Wiseman. Who I believe had the colour white. As time went on the siren rang and we all had to head back up to the area we all started at. Now looking around I saw that no one had found Mr Wiseman which meant that the teachers won and the students lost. Mr Wiseman was really smart. He hid in the confidence course, but had a green jacket that matched the leaves and was just crotched down having some leaves on top of him,which made him blend in.

Some there you have it. These are some of my highlights and what we got up to at camp. I just want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to all the teachers who came along and a special one to Ms Flavelle who organised everything. Also a huge THANK YOU to the staff at Carey Park for letting us stay over for the week. I am still really sad that the camp has ended but I’m really happy about the fun memories I made over there. I really hope that Team 5 or just the year 8’s could have something like this happen again in the near future.

Maungarei Drawing

Last week  in extension we had to think hard about what we thought Maungarei would look like back then. We first got to see a photo of Maungarei and Miss West then told us what she thought it would look like back then. We also thought about the types of transportation they used back then. The main one being waka’s. Here is my interpretation of what I thought I would look like. The first thing that popped into my head was bushes and trees surrounding the area along with a pond. Huts and house was something that came to my mind as well.I really enjoyed doing this, because it got me thinking of what things look like in the olden days.

Place Value with Decimals

This is my maths task for the week. It is about Place Value and Decimals. At first I did find Place value and Decimals a bit confusing, but after this task and working with Miss Hall, I got it. I really enjoyed doing this task. it was fun and creative. It also had some fun game sites at the end slide. I hope you learn something from this just like I did.

The Princess and Orge

This is my second narrative. It is about a prince and Orge going on a fun adventure. I really enjoyed writing this story.

As it was just about to hit midnight, Princess Alexandria and Otis the Ogre could hear something coming from downstairs. Once they hit the downstairs area, they went into the treasure room. In the room there was a sceptre. Alexandria and Otis could see that the noise was coming from there. They were getting closer and closer which is when they heard a voice. From the voice they heard “ a monster has just been released from its realm and it’s your job to go and put it back,if you do not manage to put the monster back in it’s realm you won’t come back”

“What does that mean we won’t come back” exclaimed Alexandria. “I have no idea,” Otis replied. All of a sudden they could hear screaming coming from the outside. As they were running towards the exit. Otis decided to bring 2 swords, in case of an emergency. As they took their last step to the ground they noticed that they weren’t at home, and as they turned around the castle disappeared. “Now this is what the voice meant by saying if we want to come back” Alexandria said. “Yeah probably” Otis responded. 

In that moment they turned their heads around and saw the monster. It was dusty,crusty,tall and disgusting. Not only that, but it was damaging everything in its way. Otis started charging at the monster with one of the swords he took, but Alexandria pulled him back. “Why did you pull me back?” Otis said to Alexandria. “Well, do you have a plan on how to destroy this monster?,Exactly I didn’t think so” Alexandria said. They both ran behind one of the fruit stands in the street and started planning.

At first their plan was just to run straight up to the monster and try to defeat it, but that wouldn’t work. Well it would if they had been trained by someone. So they scratched that plan. Until they heard something that was coming from the wall. They inched closer and closer to the noise, but then someone popped out of nowhere. Now this person was claiming to know some important details on how to defeat the monster.

“I don’t think we can trust him” Alexandria whispered in Otis’s ear. “ Well we don’t have any other option do we?” Otis said. This man was old and a bit smelly, but looked wise. So with no plan Alexandria and Otis decided to hear what the old man had to say. As the old man was finishing with the story, the duo knew exactly what to do. 

From what the old man said they had to find a witches wand. Which was locked up in the netherlands of the forest. In the distance there was some sort of entry to a forest, which is where they both rushed to. As they both stepped into the forest there was a glowing box. In the box there was the witch’s wand. Grabbing the witches the duo rushed out of the forest.

Now this was the part Alexandria and Otis were waiting for. Stepping up to the monster they both had to do a chant. Once they yelled out the chant 3 times, the person with the wand had to say a spell and poof the monster would go back to its realm. 

Alexandria and Otis were screaming at the top of their lungs, and once they finished Alexandria yelled out the spell. “In the power of my witches wand, I demand you to go back to your realm”. When Alexandria finished with the spell the monster mysteriously vanished into thin air. Soon after that happened Alexandria and Otis returned back to their home. Now looking back at the adventure they had, Otis and Alexandria bursted into laughter.

Classify Quadrilaterals

This is my math task for the week. It is about shapes. Well specificy quadrilaterals. I had to answer some questions on a google slide. I really think I learnt a lot more from this task. It was nice to learn what some of the shapes are called. Anyway, I really hope you enjoy my task just like me. 

Narrative Piece

This is my narrative for the week. We got to write a narrative about whatever we wanted. I did mine about 2 curious people who get trapped in a cursed pyramid, and have to find a way out. I really enjoyed writing this piece and I hope you enjoy it to. 


As me and Robert get out of the car to see the pyramids. I could see something glowing in the distance. I tapped on Robert’s shoulder and pointed at the glowing light. As we were both walking towards the glowing light, I pulled Robert aside and asked him “are you sure you want to go see what it is?” He nodded back.

We had finally gotten to where the glowing light was coming from. The only problem was that we had to dig in the sand. Obviously I wasn’t going to dig up whatever was there, so I kindly asked Robert. As Robert was digging up the glowing light, I could see that it was a gem. After about 5 minutes of digging Robert finally pulled the gem out. Although we had the gem, we knew that something was about to happen. 

I could feel that something was pulling me. As I looked over to my right I could see that Robert was getting pulled as well. It took a good 10 minutes until we finally got to our destination. Which was a pyramid. Though I looked to my right and Robert was gone. I could hear that he was going into a different room than me.

As the door shut behind me, I started to see all these numbers and 1 lock. I tried multiple times to try and get out, but the door wouldn’t budge at all. So since the door didn’t budge I just started to yell, just to see if Robert could hear me. It only took about 3 minutes, and I started to hear Robert’s voice. I shouted out to him “ Robert can you check out if you have any clues there”. Robert yelled back “ Yeah”. I told him to read out the clue since I had numbers in here. 

The first clue he read out was “I have a ring, but no fingers”. I instantly thought of a phone. I looked around at the numbers and realised that the amount of numbers in the word was 1 of the numbers for the lock. So I put in 5 for the first number. Though I still had 3 more to unlock the lock. The second clue he read out said “ I am a bank, but not a bank with money”. Now this one tripped me out because the only type of bank I knew was a money bank. Then all of a sudden Robert yelled out “ I think it’s a blood bank”. I looked around for the number 5 and what you know there was a 5. Now I thought the last clue was confusing, but this one took the cake. I yelled out to Robert to say the clue. The clue was what flys, but has no wings. It took a solid 10 minutes for me and Robert to get it, but the answer was time. Finally we were on our last clue. Which was easier than I thought. It was “what has 88 keys?” Me and Robert both knew it was a piano. 

I put in the last number and a box opened up. It had a key and I noticed that the key matched the lock on my door. I quickly opened my door and rushed to Robert. I opened up his door and we ran to the exit. As me and Robert were just about to step out, we noticed that there was something blocking us from stepping to the outside world. 

All of a sudden a random voice started speaking. It said “To be able to get out of this pyramid you must complete an extremely hard task. However if you don’t complete it in 30 minutes you both will be stuck here FOREVER!” Then a scroll dropped from the above. Robert started reading the scroll with our task. Our task was to restore the gem we found that brought us here and put it in the heart of the pharaoh. At first it didn’t seem hard, but then we both realised that we had no idea where the gem was and where the pharaoh was. So Robert decided to go look for the pharaoh, while I looked for the gem.

Running down all these hallways looking for a gem was not easy at all. I actually gave up hope because we had 20 minutes on the clock. Then I remember that the gem had a glowing light, and in the distance at the very end I could see something like that. I rushed over, just to see that it was guarded with traps. By this point we only had 15 minute’s left. Soon after I was joined by Robert. We were planning something out to see how to get the gem. 

That is when I noticed we had to throw something directly to the target to be able to get the gem. Without a doubt me and Robert both took off our shoes and threw them right at the target. Luckily we hit the target and arrows were flying in all directions. Which also meant we could get the gem. I dashed over to the gem and bolted into Robert’s direction. We had 10 minutes on the clock. Soon after we reached the pharaoh’s chamber. Now the only thing to do was to place the gem in its heart. 

The moment we placed the gem in the pharaoh’s heart we thought we were in the clear, but then an alarm went off. Robert and I had only 2 minutes to get to the exit while the pyramid was filling up with sand very quickly. Me and Robert raced to the exit, but I slipped and fell behind. I know that this was the end of me. So I yelled out to Robert to keep on going. He was so close to getting out, but he then turned around and bolted to me and picked me up. There was about 20 seconds left and me and Robert had to dig our way out. I could see the sun shining and there I was. Standing outside of the pyramid alongside Robert. At that point of time we didn’t even bother looking back and went back to the hotel we were at.

Evolution of Phones

One of the tasks for Inquiry this week was to find photos of a certain item. By that I mean we had to pick an item/object, and show the evolution of it. Though through pictures. I decided to do the evolution of phones. It was really interesting looking at the different timelines of the phones. I really enjoyed doing this task because it shows how much an item/object can change through the years.

Term 1 Reflection

WOWWW! The Term has just ended. Which means it’s the HOLIDAYS. Not only that, but I can’t believe I’ve been a year 8 for a term already. This term feels like it went by fast. It feels like yesterday was the first day back at school. Even though we didn’t do the usual things this term considering covid, there are still many memories that have been made. Here are my stand out memores of the term. 

First of all Team 5’s trip to Willow Park is one of my favourite memories ever. Not only did I get to spend a whole day with my friends, but we also did some cool activities. I mean we got to spend 1 hour at the beach, which was hot, but also nice. I also got to play in their huge Rec Centre and eat some delicious food. 

Another huge memory was the school Disco. The Prefects and House Captains got to throw a Disco. It was really fun and cool. We got to play some awesome songs, and do some dance offs. Not only that, but we also got to do 2 karaoke songs. I really enjoyed doing the Disco because I got to jam with my friends and also just have fun. 

The assemblies have also made huge memories for me this term. Each and every single assembly always has a funny moment in it. My favourite one would have to be when we did snack time super heroes and Petero dropped the box leaving all the names on the ground. Also working with the group of people I have has been amazing. Can’t wait for whats to come next term with the assemblies.

Sport is another one. Even though we didn’t get to play sports tournaments this term, we did do our own version.We had Softball,Tag and Netball. Mostly Wednesday and Friday we got to have our own tournaments with just the Year 7’s & 8. We also did Boys verses Girls which was actually fun. We played Softball and Netball for our little tournaments. It was also cool to see the boys play netball considering they don’t play that type of sport. Overall I had fun at all those games. I can’t wait for all the sports tournaments to come. Especially the netball season. 

My final memory would have to be our fun day on Tuesday. Each class got to do something different in the morning with each of there own class members. My class pretty much had free time for the whole morning. We played board games and just went on some walks around the school. I also went into Room 1 where they kindly offered me some of their snacks and drinks. In the middle block we had a choice of either watching a movie or play sport. I was actually the only girl that was at sport. The sports we played were Basketball and Touch. I really enjoyed doing sports even though I was against all boys, which did challenge me a bit. In the last block we got a choice again whether we wanted to continue watching the movie or capture the flag. I chose to do capture the flag and had a BLAST! Obviously my team had WON the game. 

So there you have it. Even though Covid was happening in the middle of everything, I still made some awesome memories. From the Willow Park trip to our fun day, nothing could stop these things from happening. I’m going to really miss being at school for the next 2 weeks. I am so thankful for the Team 5 teachers for making this term a FANTASTIC term. I am still very sad that this term has ended because that means I got 3 more terms left. I can’t wait to see what’s there to come next term. Hopefully it’s just as fun as this term.