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Willow Park

Yesterday all of Team 5 got the opportunity to go on a trip. Where exactly? Well we got to go to Willow Park. The bus ride wasn’t that long considering it was only 15 minutes. Anyways as soon as everyone got to have some free time, everyone ran in different directions. Some ran to the Rimu Room (gaming room),Rec Centre,Playground,Mini Gym or just sit and talk. I had some fun at the Rimu Room with my friends. We also went to the beach for 1 hour. I didn’t want to swim, but I did get to chat a lot with my friends. My highlight of the trip would have to be spending some quality time with my friends. Also playing Volleyball in the Rec Centre. I really hope we get to go on another fun trip like this one. A huge THANK YOU to the owners for letting this happen.

The haunted castle prediction and recap (Homework)

Book:The Haunted Castle

Author:Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dami)

1 Chapter recap:

Geronimo convinces Thea,Trap and Benjamin to go to the family ceremony.Along with him as well.They then start making there way to the place. Which is Penny Pincher Castle.On there way there a storm starts to begin. Which means they got soaked.Soon after they reach the Castle.

My Prediction:

My prediction  is that Geronimo,Thea,Trap and Benjamin get to meet there family. Soon after they get to know why the family ceremony is happening. In my opinion I think that someone is badly ill, which means the family has to go the and take care. Not only the, but the person is going to be deciding there will and they all try and compete for the best thing on the list.