Whole year/term reflection

I honestly cannot believe that the year is over. It has felt like time went by fast. This is my whole year/term reflection. This term might just be my favourite term out of them all. There were awesome events like privegiving and graduation. Anyways here we go one more time.

If you haven’t seen my other reflections. I will be doing a short summary of each term. Term 1 saw me returning back to school. I didn’t think school would be on, but I was wrong. Since covid happened, we didn’t really get to do much sport. However we did have our own little competition against the boys. Also meeting my new classmates was another cool thing. Overall term 1 was better then I had expected.

In Term 2 that is when everything went back to how it was. Thankfully we got out year 8 camp, which was a blast! I had so much more with my friends and the activities were cool too. It was also the term where sports started back up. I had awesome times at the tournaments. Also getting into the habit of being a student leader really kicked in during this term.

Now I didn’t think term 3 could top term 2, but it did. Mrs Stone returned and she was the best teacher ever. I also was in 3 sports teams. Like Basketball,Netball and League. Like term 2 I had so much fun at the tournaments. Plus my teammates were so fun to hang out with. 

So now that you are caught up here are my favourite highlights/memories from this term. First up is sports. This term we had Volleyball once again and Athletics. For Volleyball this term it was just a boys team and a girls team. On the EZ tournament both of our teams came first, which got us to the finals. We travelled all the way to the North Shore to compete in the Auckland Champs. There were some tough competition there.  Overall I had a great time with my team. In my team was Luka,Ema,Mariko,Matelita,Legacy,Lynette,Khalia,Kolotita and Emeline. We were coached by Miss Timmi. 

We also had our annual Athletics Day. That day was super fun and I placed in 2 categories. I came first in discus and third in shot put. I then had to prepare for the EZ tournament, but that sadly didn’t happen due to the weather. However we did our measurements and found out who got into the IZ tournament. I was one of them along with Matelita,Emeline,Leonora,Khalia,Petero,Exodus,Lincoln,Roman and Israel. This was another tough tournament, but I came out with some pretty fun memories. 

Something huge that happened was the Maniakalani Film Festival. We didn’t get to this last year because of covid, but we did get to do it this year. I had such a fun time seeing the movies. My favourite one out of them was Room 3’s trick shots From PES. I also got to sit in the comfy chairs at the back, so that was a plus on that day. 

The year 8’s also got a day to themselves. Since the year 7’s went on there rainbows end trip. It was a nice relaxing day. We got to do this mask art in the morning block. Then got to have some free time along with finishing our art in the middle block. In the last block we watched a movie. I loved that day because it was just the year 8’s. We got to make fun videos and memories with each other.

Another huge thing that happened was prizegiving. It was the best thing ever. I was first nervous to see what awards I got, but once I got them all I was very proud of myself. I got a total of 6 awards. They were Team spirit (League),Netball player of the year,Sportswoman of the year (along with Ema),Service to the School, A Scholarship from KPMG and a scholarship from Tamaki College. Also doing our dance we had been preparing to do felt so great getting to do it. Prizegiving was the best day ever and I’m so happy that it happened. Also congrats to everyone who got a prize.

These events happened on the last week of school. Graduation was a fun time. Everyone looked nice for the occasion. The food was delicious. I was also very excited to hear what the teachers had to say about each student. I would say that Mrs Stone got mine spot on. We also got to perform our dance once again. Also getting to take some photos with my friends was also a nice thing.

The day after that we got to spend the day at the papakura pools. Luckily it was good weather and I had so much fun. There was a bombing pool were 4 of us got to go at a time. I went on that a bunch of times with my friends. There was also a slide which was fun. We got to do some fun games at the outside pools and even did a big whirlpool. I also had some pretty nice food with my friends. We even played the last card on our way back from the pools. That was a nice trip to send the year 8’s off from Pt England.

The last day was emotional. It was only a half day so that only made our time limited. We did our farewells to some of the staff. Each class got there final send off with their teacher. Mrs Stone gave each of the year 8’s a block letter of their first initial. Then the day was over. We did cry, but we did get to do a group photo with just the year 8’s. We also did some t-shirt signing which was a good way to end off our year.

So there you have it. This was my reflection of this year. I have had a great time at PES, especially these past 2 years. I have created my favourite memories at that school. I’m not sure if I’m ready to leave, but I do know that I have made my mark at PES. To the team 5 teachers thank you for making these past 2 years the best years of my life. To the year 7’s I wish all of you the best for next year and remember that you guys are the leaders. Now to the year 8’s a huge thanks goes out to you guys for making these last 8 YEARS at PES the best. I will forever cherish our memories we have made with each other. I’m gonna miss seeing you guys everyday next year, but I do know that it is our time now. You guys are the best and I wish all of you guys the best for college!  


Escape Room Extension

For this term in extension we have been doing escape rooms. I was in a group with Kiarah,Aye and Finau. We got to come up with our own theme and puzzles. Our theme was based on the horror movie smile. We planned on doing a physical escape room. Today we started on cutting the keys out for one of the puzzles. Our next step is to finish off the keys and start putting things together. 


This is my literacy task for the week. I had to research about either a civilisation or a famous person. I worked with Kiarah and researched about Mesopotamia. Which is a region in Iraq. I was really interested in learning about this place. I learnt about a new place and had fun doing it Hope I get to do something like this again.

Future Aspiration

This morning we had some ex Pt England students come by and tell us there stories. They were called the “Future Aspiration”. The “Future Aspirations” were a group of 6 people. There names were Shaniah,Tyrone,David,Tanielu,Haare and Tia. They had talked to us about their journeys to what they have became. They also gave us advice and some qoutes. One that I have remembered is “Don’t let yourself become your own barrier”. Another one was “Be true to yourself”. I have learnt many things from here and have honestly been inspired. 

FAHK Sleeping Lions – Statistical Inquiry

This is our maths for the week. We had to do a statistical graph about sleep. We also had to choose 2 variables which were the amount of hours you get sleep, and we also did how your well-being might be like. Our sample was a bit small considering there was only 4 of us in the group. I enjoyed doing this.