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AFK Research Task: Uike Lea Faka-Tonga

Since it is Tonga Language Week the reading task is based all about it. I worked on it with my friends Kiarah & Finau. I really enjoyed doing this task because I am Tongan myself. I also really liked doing the dancing part which was apart of our item. Anyways enjoy and HAPPY TONGAN LANGUAGE!

Is stealing okay?

This is my first reading task for the term. It is about what I think of a certain statement. For this task the statement is Is stealing okay. I disagreed with the statement. I then read 4 articles about the statement and had 4 reason on why I thought it was bad to steal. I also said these reasons in a video. I really enjoyed doing this task because I got to say what I thought about the statement. ENJOY!

Stand up (History of NZ Protests) Activity #1

This week my reading group has been reading about NZ history of protest. We had to read the book online and got to pick 2 activities along with the book. This is my first activity about comprehension questions. Which is basically me answering questions about the book. I really found it interesting about looking back at NZ protests. I also really enjoyed learning about this topic as well. Hope you ENJOY!

Should animals be kept in zoos?

This is my reading task for the week. I had to read a book and discus whether I agree with the statement or not. The statement was animals should be kept in zoos. I disagree with this statement because I believe animals should have freedom.My group also had to do a debate on this topic. What do you think about the statement?

The haunted castle prediction and recap (Homework)

Book:The Haunted Castle

Author:Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dami)

1 Chapter recap:

Geronimo convinces Thea,Trap and Benjamin to go to the family ceremony.Along with him as well.They then start making there way to the place. Which is Penny Pincher Castle.On there way there a storm starts to begin. Which means they got soaked.Soon after they reach the Castle.

My Prediction:

My prediction  is that Geronimo,Thea,Trap and Benjamin get to meet there family. Soon after they get to know why the family ceremony is happening. In my opinion I think that someone is badly ill, which means the family has to go the and take care. Not only the, but the person is going to be deciding there will and they all try and compete for the best thing on the list.