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Term 2 Reflection!

There’s NO WAY I’m already half way through the year. Also Term 2 is now OVER! It feels like time is going past really fast. Anyway I’m so glad many things happened this term. Since we were in Orange light. Things like Year 8 Camp,Sports and much more.Now here are my top highlights/memories from this awesome term. Also I’ve been a Year 8 FOR HALF A YEAR!

Obviously one of my top highlights/memories is Year 8 Camp. Since I already did a whole reflection on that here’s a quick summary. Year 8 Camp was a blast. At first I didn’t think it would happen, but we got there. Playing in the huge Rec Centre was awesome and the Camp Concert was the best. Also the late nights my cabin had were just fun and just having a great time with my friends as well.I hope that next year the new Year 8’s have a blast. 

Next up sport. We finally got to play some sports this term. We even had 3 Tournaments. The sports we got to play this term were Netball,Rugby Union and Volleyball. I had a great time playing these sports. Considering if I write this all in 1 this paragraph it would be big ,so we’ll be talking about them separately. 

First up Netball. I am so thankful that Netball has happened this term. It is actually my 8th year playing. So I’ve been playing since year 1.Same as last year my team is called the Chiefs. It is coached by Mr Moran and Miss Takarei. Along with Velian as our Manager. My team this year include Ema,Kiarah,Luka,Matelita,Kamryn,Cherish and Latiana. We’ve honestly been going good. I can’t wait to play more netball with these girls next term and crush the tournaments.

Up next Rugby Union. Now for rugby most of my team were new commers. However they prove to be pretty good. Oh and also the week we had our tournament we only had 1 training. The reason why was because that week we had a lot of sports going on. However despite having 1 training my team ended up coming first in the eastern zone tournament. Which means we got to go to the Interzone which was Auckland Champs. In the Auckland Champs we came fourth, but I was still really proud of my team. The amazing team I got to play with consist of Ema,Kiarah,Matelita,Cherish,Kamryn,Lesieli,Melemanu,Mariko,Legacy,Khalia,Lynch,Karoline,Meliame,Fifita and Kolotita. We were also coached by the Fantastic Miss Timmi. 

Finally Volleyball .We got to play in the Eastern Zone Volleyball Tournament. We took 2 teams. Which were the A Team and the B Team. I was in the B team along with Ema,Luka,Legacy,Khalia,Maria,Bronson,Jordan,Petero,Exodus,Rex and Toa. We were also coached by Miss Timmi. My team ended up coming first in our pool and the A team coming in second. I really had a great time because I was not only in a team with my friends, but it was also my first time competing in the tournament. 

Since thats all done with ,my next highlight/memory is the assemblies. Like my term 1 reflection the assemblies we’ve had this term have made some of my favourite memories/highlights. One assembly that stands out is when we literally did Jump Jam. Yep Mr Burt decided since it was quite cold to have Jump Jam.  We were following Mr Levi and Miss Vili’s dance moves. Also working with Kiarah,Kamryn,Aye,Petero,Roman,William and Julius has been awesome and they have also been apart of my favourite funny memories. I hope that the assemblies next term can beat the assemblies this term.

Once again we have also had some fun disco’s. Actually 3, one for kindness week which was held by the supersubs. One for being halfway through the term and one for Ukraine. These discos have made some pretty cool memories for me. I also enjoyed dancing and having a great time with my friends. 

Having Tech at Tamaki has also been awesome. Last term I was in Mr Daniels Class which was awesome. I learnt many things about technology. Now for this term I have been in Cooking, with the wonderful Mrs Hamer. We have cooked some pretty delicious things. My favourite one being the Curry with Rice. 

Now if you know my class has had another teacher come in. Shes pretty much been my teacher for a year. Her name is Miss Hall. Miss Hall has stepped into being room 4’s teacher since Mrs Stone went on maternity leave. Honestly I’m kind of sad the Miss Hall will be leaving Room 4. However she is going over the Dubai to teach over there. I just want to say to Miss Hall a HUGE THANKS for being my teacher for the past year. I am going to really miss you (minus the homework), but I hope you have a great time at Dubai.Along with your new students. Miss Hall has taught me some much through the past year. Its sad to see you go Miss Hall, however I’m sure having Mrs Stone back will be great. 

So there you have it. These are my top highlights/memories from this term. From Year 8 Camp to the awesome sports we’ve had. Term 2 has definitely topped term 1.I am still in shock that I’m halfway through the year. It’s honestly sad to think that I only have 2 terms left until I leave. However that means I get to make even more fun highlights/memories. I’m really going to miss being at school for the next 2 weeks. I hope that term 3 can top this term!

The Journey of the FISHY! (Animation)

This is my final task for literacy. What we got to do is a slide animation. It is basically an animation but on slides. For this one we got to choose whatever we wanted. At first my animation was just going to be about a fish finding candles. Until Mrs Stone and Mr Moran gave me some interesting ideas and here it is. Make sure to watch the whole things. I really enjoyed doing this since I’ve never actually done one before. ENJOY!

Information report-Hippos

This is my information report on Hippos. As usual I had to research about the animal and focus on 3 topics. I have really enjoyed researching about Hippos because I got to learn new things. I hope that you learn something from this just like I did. ENJOY!

Did you know that hippo’s are almost bulletproof? They can also open their mouths up to 150 degrees. In this information report I will be talking about 3 topics. Which are their habitat/diet,their family life/conservation and facts. I hope that by the end of this piece, you learn something about this animal.

First up their habitat and diet. Hippo’s are herbivores. Which means they only eat things like grass,vegetables and melons sometimes.They can eat up to 88 pounds per night! Hippo’s are native to Africa, and are all over Sub Saharan Africa. In Africa you can find Hippos in slow moving lakes and rivers.

Up next is their family life and conservation. Hippo’s hang out in groups that consist of 10-30 Hippo’s. However the groups can go up to 200 Hippos.There is always 1 dominant male in the group. Hippos’ gestation period is 8 months. Which is just 1 month less from humans. The months they give birth the most are the wettest. The conservation status of Hippos are vulnerable and endangered. The 2 types of Hippos are the common and the Pygmy Hippos.

Now finally some facts. The name Hippo comes from the Greek name of Water Horse. These animals can also reach up to 19 miles per hour. Male Hippos weigh up to 4000 pounds, while the baby’s only reach up to 100 pounds or less. Did you know that Hippos are actually not good swimmers? In fact they can only spend up to 5 minutes underwater. They are also the 2nd largest land animal, and the 3rd heaviest.

So in conclusion Hippos are some pretty fascinating animals. From their habitat to even their family life, Hippos are interesting. I hope that by the end of this information report that you have learnt something new.

Extension Term 2 Project -History/Brainstorms

This is my extension project I will be working on this term. For this term we looked into the history of  NZ. We also had to choose topics to film a movie. My group is Kiarah,Elijah and Leonidas. For our movie we will be focusing on transportation and resources. The reason why we picked transportation was because back then NZ would of had many different types of transportation then we do how. One of the main ones being transporting on a waka. We also picked resources because the resources people would’ve had back in the days would have been way different to what we have now.

Information Report-North Korea!

This is my information report on North Korea. I had to research things about the country. I honestly had fun doing this because along the process I got to learn about this country. I really hope that you enjoy this piece of writing, and yes there are more information reports to come. ENJOY!


Did you know that North Korea and South Korea were 1 whole country at one time? Yes this is true. However we will only be focusing on North Korea. In this information report I will be talking about the culture/people,food and some facts on North Korea. I hope that by the end of this piece you will learn a thing or 2 about this country.

First up the culture and people of North Korea. In North Korea they have an ethical code.  Which they believe shows sincerity and loyalty. This code can be used while in a meeting, eating, praying or celebrating. By that the code can be shown by taking a bow. Which other languages don’t do.

Now up is food. North Korea has some pretty delicious cuisine. Some of the cuisines being Beef Rib Soup and Gray Mullet Soup. They also have some traditional dishes as well. Making rice and kimchi one of them. Also Soju Liquor.There is also a famous restaurant in Pyongyang named Okryu-gwan .Which one of there dishes is raengmyeon cold noodles. Some of North Korea’s main courses are Juk,Pulgogi and obviously noodles!

Finally some facts on this country. Can you believe that the population of the country is 26.03 million? North Korea is also in the continent of Asia. The currency they use is called NK won. Oh and their official language is Korean which obviously makes sense. They have an native animal called the Amur Leopard. Along with a president named Kim Jong-un.

That brings us to the end of the information report. To sum up everything that has been stated in this writing, North Korea is an awesome country! From their ethical code to the food they have over there. North Korea is a great place to be in. I hope that you have learnt something from this writing.

Information Report on Honduras

For this week’s writing my literacy class had to write an information report. It was about the country Honduras. I really enjoyed writing about this country, because I never have heard of it. So it was really interesting to research about the country. I hope that you learn something fro this just like I did. ENJOY!

Honduras, the country that is a part of the mesoamerican reef. Not much is really known about this country. However, by the time you finish reading this piece. You might learn a thing or 2 about this awesome country.


Honduras was first sighted by Europeans, when Christopher Columbus arrived at the Bay Islands. Which was very close to the island of Guanaja on 30 July 1502. On the 14th of August, 1502 Columbus landed on the mainland near modern Trujillo. Columbus named the country Honduras for the deep waters off its coast. Honduras became independent from Spain in 1821. However in 1822 it was joined with Mexico and 4 other nations. Which consist of  Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua. Yet the 5 central American nations broke away from Mexico in 1823. Honduras finally became completely independent in 1839.

Honduras is a very diverse country. Therefore having 90 percent of the population being Mesitizo. Which is a mix of European and Latin American. Honduras can also be split up into 4 regions. Those regions consist of the Pacific lowlands,eastern Caribbean lowlands,Northern coastal plains and mountains.They also have 2 main cities. Which is Toguaged (the capital) and San Pedro Sala.

Now for some facts. Did you know that the nickname for the country is The Banana Republic? Not only that, but the country also owns 1 of the oldest clocks in the world. Plus an interesting one is that it was the first country to ever ban smoking in their own houses. They also take soccer very seriously. Last one is that the country has the biggest wilderness area in Central America and the world’s largest barrier reef.

To sum up, everything that has been stated in this information report.It’s brief history, along with its culture/people are amazing. Also the cool facts about this country. Honduras is a pretty cool place. I hope you learned something from this.

Maungarei Drawing

Last week  in extension we had to think hard about what we thought Maungarei would look like back then. We first got to see a photo of Maungarei and Miss West then told us what she thought it would look like back then. We also thought about the types of transportation they used back then. The main one being waka’s. Here is my interpretation of what I thought I would look like. The first thing that popped into my head was bushes and trees surrounding the area along with a pond. Huts and house was something that came to my mind as well.I really enjoyed doing this, because it got me thinking of what things look like in the olden days.

Extension Scratch Project (Whakatauki)

Last term my extension class was learning about Whakatauki’s. Which are like quotes in Maori. However we had to do one that was related to the sea/ocean. The one I chose was “He toka tu moana, ara he toa rongonui”. Which in English translate to “Your strength is like a rock standing in raging water”. To me this Whakatauki meant that no matter how hard the situation was, I knew that the strength I had could push through that situation. We also had to create a scratch project that showcased our Whakatauki. Mine is a turtle trying to push through the waves, but once the turtle gets stronger it can go right through the waves. I really enjoyed doing this. I hope I get to to this again!

Place Value with Decimals

This is my maths task for the week. It is about Place Value and Decimals. At first I did find Place value and Decimals a bit confusing, but after this task and working with Miss Hall, I got it. I really enjoyed doing this task. it was fun and creative. It also had some fun game sites at the end slide. I hope you learn something from this just like I did.