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Sleeping Lions – Statistical Inquiry Plan

Today in maths we planned our statistical inquiry task. We also got up to making our questions up. I am in a group with Kiarah,Finau and Honey. Our 2 variables is the amount of sleep we get and our well-being. Our question for this statistical inquiry is “is there a connection between the hours of sleep we get and our well-being?”  We are also planning on doing a scale for our well-being to find out what the difference is. 


Evolution of Phones

One of the tasks for Inquiry this week was to find photos of a certain item. By that I mean we had to pick an item/object, and show the evolution of it. Though through pictures. I decided to do the evolution of phones. It was really interesting looking at the different timelines of the phones. I really enjoyed doing this task because it shows how much an item/object can change through the years.

Inquiry Space Poster

This is my inquiry poster for space. This week team 5 has been learning about being responsible with our mouths,bodies and space. We then got to choose 1 of those topics and make a poster about it. This is my poster. As you can see I did space. In my poster it shows what your space should look like compared to what it shouldn’t. Enjoy!

Nepal & New Zealand Differences and Similarities

Task Description:

2 days ago my class and I watched a documentary about the most dangerous way to get to school. It was about students getting to school in Nepal. The only only thing is that the way they take is dangerous. It takes them over 2 hours to get to school. Here is the differences and similarity that NZ and Nepal have.



Belonging and Community

Task Description:

This week we learned about belong to our communities. We had a slide show presentation to do. We also had a video to watch. The slide show ask question about belonging to a community. We also had to make a poster. I hope you enjoy!