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Diameter, Circumference and Area Of Circles

Today in Maths we learnt about how to find diameter,circumference and area of circles. This is my maths task about it. I also got to have a very fun lesson with Mrs Stones. This was something I had never learnt before and I thought it was going to be hard. Well it turns out, that it is quite simple. I really enjoyed doing this task I can’t wait to see what is next to come. Hopefully it is something just as fun as this.

Area of Triangles

This is my maths task. It was actually from last week,but I didn’t get to finish it until now. It is about getting the area of a triangle. Now at first I thought that it was going to be easy, but this proved me wrong. I did though learn a lot from these things. Now I;m not sure if I got all of them right, but I tried. I really hope I get to do something similar to this again.


Today for my first maths lesson I got to learn about measurement. I also worked along with my friend Finau. What we did was we had to fill in on what the things would be measured in. For example the distance between Auckland and GI is displayed in metres. I also was tasked with a create task at the end. Which is were I got to measure 3 objects and write down how long it was. I really enjoyed doing this task for maths. ENJOY!