Month: February 2022

Nepal & New Zealand Differences and Similarities

Task Description:

2 days ago my class and I watched a documentary about the most dangerous way to get to school. It was about students getting to school in Nepal. The only only thing is that the way they take is dangerous. It takes them over 2 hours to get to school. Here is the differences and similarity that NZ and Nepal have.



Belonging and Community

Task Description:

This week we learned about belong to our communities. We had a slide show presentation to do. We also had a video to watch. The slide show ask question about belonging to a community. We also had to make a poster. I hope you enjoy!


The haunted castle prediction and recap (Homework)

Book:The Haunted Castle

Author:Geronimo Stilton (Elisabetta Dami)

1 Chapter recap:

Geronimo convinces Thea,Trap and Benjamin to go to the family ceremony.Along with him as well.They then start making there way to the place. Which is Penny Pincher Castle.On there way there a storm starts to begin. Which means they got soaked.Soon after they reach the Castle.

My Prediction:

My prediction  is that Geronimo,Thea,Trap and Benjamin get to meet there family. Soon after they get to know why the family ceremony is happening. In my opinion I think that someone is badly ill, which means the family has to go the and take care. Not only the, but the person is going to be deciding there will and they all try and compete for the best thing on the list.

New Zealand opens up the Border

Last week Jacinda Adern had decided that the borders would open. Making it almost 2 years since it has been opened. The only thing is that it is only opened to New Zealanders who are fully vaccinated. It will then be opened up to New Zealand citizens and visa holders who are coming from Australia on the 27th of Feb. 2 weeks later others can come from other countries.

This article was from kiwi kids news.

Mr Goodwin eats a Grapefruit

One day Mr Goodwin decided he wanted to go to Samoa. When he landed at Samoa a lady gave him a sour grapefruit. She said to him “eat this grapefruit for good luck”. So he did just that, while recording a tiktok. He posted the tiktok and went on with his day, soon after he posted his tiktok he began to be exuberant. He was TikTok famous, with 300 likes he thought all of Samoa loved him to pieces.

About me

Malo e lelei,

My name is Angelica and I am a year 8 student at Pt England School. This year I am in the wonderful Miss Hall and Mrs Stone home class. Along with my literacy teacher Mr Moran. I am also a prefect which is a student leader this year.

One of my favourite things to do is spend time with my family. My family and I come from the friendly Islands of Tonga. I have 3 other siblings along with a big family. My siblings names are Inga,Ariyana and Marcus.

I do like to watch TV shows at home. My favourites are Criminal Minds and Spongebob.

This year I hope to archive many things. One of them is being a good leader to the school. I can’t wait to see what’s to come on my last year at Pt England School.

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