Month: September 2022


This is my writing task for the week. We had to work in groups and come up with an introduction for Earth. Since we are doing explanation writing. In my group was Bronson,Gabriel,Aaron and Paula. I enjoyed doing this and had fun with my group.

On Earth there are 8 billion people. There are also many different types of life, including animals,plants and more.There is also different types of animals. Like land,sea and air animals. In this essay I will be writing 3 topics about Earth. Which is the life on earth, the oceans and the solar system.

Raro Ratio task

For today in maths we got to work with raro. It was for our maths task about ratio The ratio was 80:1000. We then simplify that and we got 8:100. We then simplify that into 2:25. From that we knew that we needed 4 tsp each for our cup. Miss Georgia then mixed in the raro and then we got to enjoy it.

AFK Research Task: Uike Lea Faka-Tonga

Since it is Tonga Language Week the reading task is based all about it. I worked on it with my friends Kiarah & Finau. I really enjoyed doing this task because I am Tongan myself. I also really liked doing the dancing part which was apart of our item. Anyways enjoy and HAPPY TONGAN LANGUAGE!

Self Reflection on my speech

On Monday last week we did speeches. My speech was about police officers getting treated/charged the same as others. I was really proud of myself for doing my speech. Honestly at first I was nervous to do my speech, but in the end I did great. I took my time and everyone was a great audience. I think my time at the end was 2 minutes and 4 seconds. I really enjoyed doing my speech and hope I get to do something like this again.